Welcome toHappy valley farms

Located at a peaceful countryside in Palakkad district, our farm is a lush green organically grown plantation where we pasture-raise hens for eggs and meat along with a goat farm.

At Happy valley, we practice organic integrated farming. Our plantation include mangoes, banana, paddy, coconut and arecanut where our pasture raised hens spend time pecking and roaming freely. We also organically grow seasonal vegetables, fruits, and spices like turmeric and ginger.


This farm is a brain child of an IT engineer, who decided to return from abroad to his hometown and work closer to nature with the strong support of his father, a retired Vet.

HAPPY VALLEY FARMS is dedicated for promoting Free-Range and Organic livestock Farming. We at Happy Valley Farms believe in more humane way of raising animals and aims to conserve environment and natural resources by putting an end to chemical pollution and toxic residues. We hope that someday, our concept will replace the current factory farms. We can all work together to take steps to end animal cruelty.

In our farms animals on pasture are not treated with growth hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics, which are both common ingredients in industrial livestock operations and are causing problems for human health.


We believe that our pasture-based livestock farming and organically grown crops will help us improve our ecosystem. All the products that we deal in are grown in our own farms and none of the products are outsourced.

Food Safety and quality of product are of paramount importance to us. Our eggs are produced in safe and strictly monitored hygienic conditions, ensuring highest levels of biosecurity within our farms.



Hens at Happy Valley are pasture raised and humanely treated. This results in high nutritious egg and meat compared to industrially produced eggs.

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Happy Valley Goat Farm

At Happy Valley farms we breed high quality Malabari goats, Boer-Jamunapari and Jamunapari-Malabari cross breeds. Malabari also called as Tellicherry which is the local goat breed of Kerala and is quite a productive dual-purpose goat breed. The climatic conditions of Kerala is suitable for these goat breeds and produce high yield in proper care and management.

We take care of inbreeding to avoid genetic issues and sell high quality kids from 4 to 5th month onwards.

Seasonal Veggies and spices

Happy Valley Farms spread across 15 acres of land, where we cultivate Coconut, Arecanut, Paddy, Mangoes, Turmeric, Ginger and Seasonal vegetables. Currently we are producing only small quantities of seasonal vegetables which are collected by nearby Organic stores.