Healthy eggs
Introducing Pasture-Raised Free-Range eggs
No Pesticides | No Growth hormones | No Antibiotics | No GMO


Humanely raised, Healthy & Hygienic Hens from “Gods Own Country”


About HeggsTM

Hens at Happy Valley are pasture raised which results in high nutritious egg and meat compared to industrially produced hens.Pasture raised eggs are lower in saturated fat, cholesterol and higher in many nutrients such as omega-3 fatty, vitamins A, D, E and B9, beta-carotene and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which reduces cancer risk.

At Happy Valley, animals on pasture are not treated with growth hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics, which are both common ingredients in industrial livestock operations and are causing problems for human health.


Highlights of HeggsTM

  • Our birds are allowed to roam in grass field, scavenging insects and worms, and engage in their natural behaviour.

  • No growth hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, or GMO, instead we use only natural deworming and disease control methods using herbs and spices.

  • Our eggs have darker yolk and firm albumen which indicates freshness and excellent nutritional value.

Facts about eggs available in market

Battery/Factory/Caged eggs

  • Egg-laying hens spend their lives confined in small, wire battery cages. Each cage is so cramped that the birds are unable to stretch their wings, walk, or engage in many of their natural behaviors. Unable even to spread their wings, caged laying hens are among the most intensively confined animals in agribusiness.

  • Hens are given antibiotics regularly to avoid getting diseases, due to this, antibiotic residue can be seen in the eggs they produce. Regularly consuming such eggs, can cause serious side effects for human health.

Pasture-raised free range

  • Hens are allowed to roam freely outdoor where they have access to lot of green leaves and grasses, termites, insects and earthworms etc.

  • Not only do the eggs taste better but have dark and firm yolk than the regular battery/caged eggs which indicates a higher nutrition value.

  • It is also found that pasture-raised eggs contained higher amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and beta carotene than the battery/caged eggs. These added nutrients support brain health, protect the heart, and help lower the risk of cancer.



We at Happy valley farms let our chicken roam on grass fields and pastures giving them free and easy access to extensive outdoor area. At night, they are brought inside a clean well-tended coops where they can be safe from the predators and can roost, nest and lay eggs.

We believe that better standard of living for chickens helps it to produce better quality of eggs.


Storage and Consumption

Eggs are easily perishable when kept under warm temperature even before it reaches the expiry date. To keep the eggs fresh and to preserve the nutrients, eggs should be stored in a cool dry place under 15 C.

Layer eggs which are available in the market are stored and transported without any temperature controlled systems. In India, this may be taken care in big super markets but smaller shops don’t keep the eggs in cool temperature hence higher chances of losing its freshness or getting spoilt by the time it reaches to the buyer.

Hens adds a protective layer called “bloom” to the outside of the egg. This coating seals the shell pores, prevents bacteria from getting inside the shell, and reduces moisture loss from the egg.  These are the things designed to make the egg last longer. Hence Eggs from Happy valley are not prewashed, instead dry cleaned. We advise buyers to wash the eggs before consuming it.

We use only natural deworming methods like garlic and pumpkin seeds. Shallots, garlics, red pepper and black pepper for disease control. We do not use any antibiotics, pesticides or growth hormones.


At Happy Valley, we do have “direct to home” service for our regular customers, so that the customers get freshly laid eggs, stored and transported under proper temperature. We ensure that in all such orders eggs delivered are not more than 3-4 days old when it reaches the buyer.